Sunday, 16 April 2017


How did Easter in 2017 come around so soon?
It was only Christmas a moment ago!
This is how the beginning of this year has been.
Between going away on holiday, coming home to work and business has just boomed!
At a time when I thought it would be good to go the other way - the opposite happened...
and with that - UGH - Bookwork!
If you only knew how much I LOATHE bookwork/emails/phonecalls! Soooo much of it!
Anyway... scrapping, crafting, arting - has been a little light on, but its still there -
 in the background and will post some soon :)
First though... the EASTER TABLE....
Weeeeeeell,  Paige now studies away and its her very first Easter without us (very sad face)
I did mention to Hannah... maybe I wont do the Easter breakfast table this year....
and she was HORRIFIED!  and went on to say its a must!  No discussion!
Soooooo..... must is was.... and here it is....
 Bit of blue and pink and white
Then it was off to the farm with all the extended family for lunch :)
Hope you've all had wonderful hip-hoppety fun!


Lizzyc said...

Yes Happy Easter, and how DID it get to April so fast???? your table looks wonderful.. I hope you have had a lovely day with family!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy Easter! Loving the photos!! Glad you did the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

I'm glad she was horrified! It's a lovely tradition and as always, your setting looks gorgeous! Err...we didn't even have eggs here!! So I really can't say too much eh? We did take Mum to church and then out for Thai for lunch. As you do, on Easter Sunday, apparently. Well, we did!!!!! Hope to see some of your 'background' creativity soon. And I guess being busy means making money, so the busyness is a curse but a blessing too eh? Still.... would be nice for you to wind down a little!!!!